2021 or 2020-won? You Decide!

with Jann & Shari Simmons, LCSW

8-week series 

9 February - 30 March 2021

Tuesdays at 7:00pm CT (1 hour)

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This 8-week, closed group will allow participants to share in a safe, judgement-free environment. Topics will focus on the obstacles, thoughts and circumstances that have held us back from living a life of peace, joy and personal success. Learn skills to enhance relationships and help with self regulation. Each session includes time to process thoughts and emotions that may be prohibiting a life of peace. 

Perceived threats can send us into a state of turmoil but we can create our own sanctuary of safety and peacefulness. Take a deep dive inward to reveal how our inner dialogue influences the choices we make. This group will include teaching, discussion, journaling, and meditation. 

Topics include:

  • How our Limbic Brain responses impact our relationships

  • Understanding our triggers and correlating thoughts

  • Navigating communication styles - Learning how to fight fair!

  • Self Sabotage and how to say goodbye to it

  • How our Central Nervous System controls...EVERYTHING!

  • Learning how every behavior is an expression of need

  • What does self care REALLY mean? 

This course is for students with all levels of meditation experience. Those who have knowledge or wish to obtain knowledge on how stress and trauma impact their physical and emotional state, or who want to understand their own trauma and learn strategies to heal themselves and improve their daily lives are a good fit for this workshop.

Tiered-Pricing Options

Supporter pays for your registration plus scholarships. Sustainer pays for your registration. Community is the scholarship rate.

About Jann & Shari Simmons, LCSW

Shari Simmons, LCSW

Shari is currently the Executive Director of Fire Mountain Treatment Center and is an Adjunct Professor at several universities where she teaches crisis/trauma and psychopathology. Since a young age she studied resiliency and the enduring self-sabotaging thoughts that can limit most people. She is co-author or Which Way?, a memoir and psychological handbook on trauma for survivors, clinicians, and anyone who wants to understand and celebrate just how resilient the human spirit is. 

Shari and Jann speak across the country at seminars, treatment facilities and schools, reminding others that the path we choose leads us to the life we were destined to have. 

Jann Simmons

After devoting her adult life to raising her two daughters, Jann worked for 15-years in banking. She enjoys her retirement now and thrives as a doting grandmother and soon to be great-grandmother. Jann also enjoys travelling, painting and reading. She proudly boasts of her journeys to Italy, Hawaii, St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix, Puerto Rico, Haiti and Mexico, all places she never dreamed of travelling.

Jann began speaking at treatment facilities, followed by university classrooms upon her daughter’s urging. The overwhelming response she received after telling her story prompted the idea of writing her memoir. Sharing her story through the book, Which Way?, and during speaking engagements alongside her daughter Shari, have brought her internal peace and hope for others.

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