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    7:30-8:45pm CT, Thursday, 19 December 2019

Winter Solstice Satsang

With Sarah Tomlinson

Join us for the Winter Solstice Yantra Coloring Meditation – and get ready to invoke the sacred goddess warrior Tripur Bhairavi, as she will give you the strength to root out the demons in your mind that are hampering you and yield positive results in your spiritual practices.

you will be ready to embrace your own light fully!

Join us and discover how to en-lighten your life and give growth to the areas that require it. Sarah will invite us to have a meditation together and then will tell us all about the Tripur Bhairavi Yantra and Goddess – weaving in bits about the solstice and our lives.

Let’s come together in community with like minds. How nice to spend the eve with like minded friends – as we move toward the longest dark night of the year!

The word ‘Sat’ means the real, the true. It is when you join in with practices and conversations that align you with the deepest pulse of your being, the one that is your essential truth.

These special evenings with Sarah are all about spending time with a community of truth-seekers…

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