The Beginner's Map to the Chakras

with Reda Ali Charafeddine

Late Summer, date TBD

Saturday at 10:00am CT (2 hours) 

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If you cannot make it live (or wish to revisit the material), a recording will be made available about 48 hours after the session. Live attendance is preferred on Mind Oasis and is part of what we call our special sauce!

A brief guide into chakras for curious beginner minds who want to start their journey into the subtle and material energies of the body and its connection to the cosmos.

We’ll glance at the 7 primary chakras — their meaning, purpose, color, sound, shape, deity, influence, and more. Plus make time for a chakra meditation to get familiar with wheels of light that reside in our body.

As part of the workshop, Reda is kindly offering a complimentary, optional one on one session (30 minutes) with him to either ask more questions or dive into an area of interest or how to commune with your inner magic or to contemplate the meaning to all of “this”. 

This class is for yogis, misfits, witches, time-travelers and curious beings of all sorts who are starting their journey into subtle and material energies of this world and the cosmos.

This class includes:

  • A look at the map of the subtle body

  • An overview of the 7 primary chakras of the Hindu tradition 

  • The etymology and the meanings of each of chakra

  • Associated planets, sounds, deities and minerals

  • Introspective exercises to identify current states

We will learn about:

  • The names, meaning, locations and personality profiles of the 7 chakras

  • The influence of chakras on our material and spiritual lives 

  • A practical guide on chakra imbalance and what to do about it 

This class is for everyone! Come one, come all! We hope to see you there.

About Reda

My purpose is to guide misfits, time-travelers, witches and beings of all sorts to commune with their inner magic. I’m grounded in traditional Buddhist principles, with a healthy heap of emotional intelligence practices (from DBT) and a dusting of intergalactic, mystical, geeky, chaos magic. And I have a natural propensity for the shadows. This is the approach I take in my journey and as I assist others in their journeys. 

Growing up in the Middle East, I was fascinated by the feminine and mystical forces. I quietly observed the women I grew up with as they read palms, interpreted dreams, talked about the stars and told fortunes with Turkish coffee. But it was black holes that captured my attention forever. That’s when I became obsessed with untangling the mind, the cosmos, and reality. 

I am honored to have had extraordinary teachers who allowed me to be a skeptic as I listened and probed through a 300-hour yoga teacher training, ACI coursework, Lam Rim workshop and a Vipassana retreat. In the depth of my heart, I believe this is the only “work” worth doing during our lifetime in this reality.

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