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Community Meditation sessions are live online and interactive.  Haven't tried that before?  Click my Sample Meditation below to get a flavor for Community Meditation.  

When you register for your free trial, you get five days to try as many sessions as you would like and you can cancel* at any time.

Community Meditation sessions are offered daily on Mind Oasis.  The sessions are 30-minutes in length and are led by a well-trained meditation teacher.  

A typical session involves centering, somatics, breathwork, and 10-20 minutes of single-point meditation using breath as an anchor.  Community Meditation sessions are secular; yet inspirational.

We are very happy you are interested in joining the growing Community Meditation group on Mind Oasis.  

Come for the meditation. Stay for the community. Leave feeling ENERGIZED!

*Cancel at any time by visiting here.  Login to your account and and select "Billing" - you will see your subscription and there is a large "Cancel" button right there.

You'll notice no questions-asked tiered-pricing options.  As a 501c3 nonprofit we never turn anyone away who can't pay - the tiered pricing helps supplement those who need a little extra help. If you need a scholarship, please email me: kelly@mindoasis.org and we'll get you all set up!

2020 Schedule

You now have four sessions to choose from each workday morning. Two evening sessions plus weekends. More reasons to meditate. Less excuses not to!
2020 Schedule

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