About the Series

Mindful Moving Meditation with Joseph

Six-week Series

11am - 11:45am CDT

Tuesdays - 45 minutes  

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28 July - 1 September 

Join Joseph for body awareness practices informed by multiple martial arts practices.  Participants will use gentle movement to help recover movement in their bodies. Each week we’ll explore a different practice designed to get you in your body. 

Week One: Working with Breath

Week Two: Working with the Spine

Week Three: Working with Shoulders, Elbows, and Wrists

Week Four: Hip, Knee, Ankle

Week Five: Global Integration

Week Six: Putting It All Together

If you miss a session - they're recorded and available within 48 hours. 

Tiered-Pricing Options

Supporter pays for your registration plus scholarships. Sustainer pays for your registration. Community is the scholarship rate.

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About Joseph

Joseph Schwartz is the developer Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™ Seminars and The 5 Primary Kinetic Chains.

Schwartz’s exploration and study in the somatic field has led him on a 30+ year journey of finding joy being in the body. His passion is to give people a movement experience that creates a shift in perception. His inquisitive nature continually asks him to look deeper at why different practices have different physiological effects, such as how the tangible and the non-tangible interface with this vehicle we call the body.

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