Death and the Realms of Existence

with Elizabete Gomes

12-week series

1 April - 17 June

Fridays at 9:00am CT (90 minutes) 

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If you cannot make it live (or wish to revisit the material), a recording will be made available about 48 hours after the session. Live attendance is preferred on Mind Oasis and is part of what we call our special sauce!

We will explore topics such as: what happens immediately after death, how one gets to other realms, what is form and formless realms, and how suffering and pleasure beings exist in other dimensions. 

These teachings actually describe what it is possible when you place your mind in deep states of meditation. We will learn how to plant karmic seeds to create pleasant experiences; how to take actions into creating a world and life of happiness; and how, through profound awareness, you can reach other “realms of existence.”

Yes, these topics sound weird and “out there,” but they are very, very fascinating, you will not be bored I promise!

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About Elizabete

Elizabete Gomes brings twenty years of meditation practice and a wide range of real life experiences to her meditation classes. She has deep knowledge, skills, and wisdom. She is known for her loving presence, kindness and gentleness. She is a beloved Mind Oasis Community Meditation teacher and friend!

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