Equanimity: Remaining Balanced in a Topsy Turvy World

with Sara-Mai Conway

10 October, 2021

10am CT | 2.5 hours

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When life pulls the rug out from underneath you, how do you stay balanced? Through the practice of equanimity we learn to remain centered, stable and grounded despite life’s ups and downs. 

Equanimity is a practice that intersects both yogic philosophy and Buddhism. We’re introduced to equanimity through the Yoga Sutra and the Brahmaviharas, or the Four Infinite Thoughts. Commonly misunderstood as a state of indifference, authentic equanimity asks us to live in alignment with the divine. We learn to profoundly connect to the stable source of love at the center of our being. 

During our time together we’ll explore what equanimity is, and what it isn’t. We’ll try on practical means for connecting to equanimity on our mats, our cushions and in daily life. Expect to spend time listening, moving through a fluid vinyasa yoga class, and sitting in meditation. We’ll conclude with a discussion and the opportunity to share your experience with others. 

For this workshop you will need: yoga mat, meditation cushion (or pillow), and your preferred yoga props (or their at-home substitutes).

Resources for additional study (if desired):

Neurodharma: New Science, Ancient Wisdom, and Seven Practices of the Highe by Rick Hanson

The Essential Yoga SutraAncient Wisdom for Your Yoga by Geshe Michael Roach & Lama Christie McNally

Perfecting Patience: Buddhist Techniques to Overcome Anger (Core Teachings of Dalai Lama)  by The Dalai Lama (Author), Thupten Jinpa (Translator)

“As a solid mass of rock is not stirred by the wind,

So a sage is not moved by praise and blame.

As a deep lake is clear and undisturbed,

So a sage becomes clear upon hearing the Dharma.

Virtuous people always let go. They don’t prattle about pleasures and desires.

Touched by happiness and then by suffering, the sage shows no sign of being elated or depressed.”

-The Buddha (Dhammapada)

“Equanimity is the hallmark of spirituality. It is neither chasing nor avoiding but just being in the middle.”

-Amit Ray

Meet Sara-Mai on our podcast, Meditation Happy Hour: Tea, Talk & Truth with Karuna! Or watch the video below.

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About Sara-Mai

Sara-Mai Conway is a writer, yoga and meditation instructor who lives in Baja Sur, Mexico. Her teachings and classes encourage understanding and experience through both body and mind. 

Her career has long been centered on athletics and physical fitness, and is equally inspired by her advanced studies in mindfulness and Tibetan Buddhism. Her teaching seeks to transform through a balance of movement and stillness. 

Sara-Mai is a 500-hour certified yoga instructor with Britain’s Independent Yoga Network and an e200-hour Yoga Alliance certified instructor. She has completed several hours of continuing education in meditation, Buddhist studies and Yogic philosophy.

She also completed a Masters Degree in Sport Management at the University of San Francisco in 2004 and is a 1999 graduate of Tufts University. Off the mat, she can be found surfing and adventuring with her husband and two dogs, Sport and Bijou.

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