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  • Six-Week Series

    6:30-7:45pm CT, Wednesdays, 6 November - 18 December 2019 (no class the week of Thanksgiving)

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Heart Song Meditation Series

with Elizabete

If you long to know how to open your heart, if you seek path that is right for you, and if you have a deep desire to connect with your true nature, this meditation series is for you. Following our heart path with deep understanding of our body, personality, and emotional tendencies is very powerful. 

In this six class series we will utilize the Five Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal) theory to explore the psychological make up, personality types and body constitution that each person has. We will also apply meditation techniques to navigate through each of the five emotions (fear, anger, joy, anxiety, and grief) to gain greater insight into our minds and hearts, cultivate mental stability and physical well-being.

This classes can benefit beginner and experienced meditators, psychotherapists, health care professionals, body-workers, yoga and meditation teachers.

Benefits of the class:

·     Identification of “constitutional” personality style base on the Five Elements
·     Discernment between physical and energetic aspects of emotions 
·     Deepen understanding of how you came to be who you are
·     Shift paradigm from “judging self” to “understanding self”  
·     Acquire tools to help others with their emotions
·     Learn compassionate self-care 
·     Develop skills to be at ease with the Five Emotions and how to cope with them
·     Apply Five Element theory and meditation technique in daily life

Class format: 75 minutes
20 minutes – meditation (each of the five elements/emotions)
20 minutes – lecture explanation of the specific element
25 minutes – personality type exploration/discussion/Q&A
10 minutes – brief centering meditation/conclusion 

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