2023 Intermediate Meditation Immersion

with Karuna

Prerequisite: The Mind Oasis Meditation Immersion or a similar training from Three Jewels, Vessel Academy, or the like.

The Mind Oasis Method for developing a meditation practice you look forward to each day is both unique and effective.  Throughout the basic immersion, we offer instruction and guidance based on an ancient form of meditation called shamatha (calm-abiding), with complementary methods that have been updated for modern times based on neuroscience and the experience of having guided thousands of meditators on Community Meditation™. 

In the Intermediate Immersion, we will briefly revisit the basics and then will deep dive into Stage Four, Five, and Six. At the end of Stage Six, all subtle and gross distractions have ceased, as has mind wandering!

This is a prerequisite for the newly developed Advanced Meditation Immersion that takes practitioners through Stages Seven, Eight, Nine, and Ten (samadhi) and will be offered in the fall of 2023.

This Immersion is for you, if: 

  • you are ready to take your practice to a next level special place.

Sunday Mornings 

Starts January 29th - 9am CT

Ends April 16th

90 minutes

Our expectation for the three months:

  • You will show up for the weekly classes (you’re only allowed to miss two).

  • You will practice for a minimum of 24 minutes each day.

  • You will show up for a minimum of one Community Meditation session each week.

  • You will engage a 5-7 day meditation retreat before the end of summer. 

At the end of the three months, if you engage in the Immersion as outlined above, you will have a meditation practice that is void of mind wandering and filled with bliss. You will have a practice that is applicable for parenting, partnering, working, and life-ing! You will have a strong intermediate base on which to grow your meditation and mindfulness practice over the years to come. 

Early Bird Special!

Thru year end...

About Karuna

Leaning on the stellar instruction she has received from her meditation and dharma teachers and Life Itself, Karuna designs her classes to create the type of reflection from which you can find a meaningful and enriching life.

Sassy, fun, and knowledgeable, class with Karuna is sure to inspire.  You can expect to learn exactly what you need to create a joyful and curious life.  Expect your paradigm to shift in playful and potent ways. 

Karuna has studied Tibetan Buddhism extensively. She has taught and guided hundreds of hours of meditation sessions.  It is her greatest desire that all beings be happy and free.

When she isn't guiding meditation, working on writing a book, teaching a Dharma class, or trail running, you will find Karuna hiking with her husband Joseph and two dogs, Ruby Rose and Stella Bean in the mountains of ColoRocky.

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