Brought to You By Senior Students of Lama Marut

To honor their Teacher’s commitment to help us all become better for others, The Classical Texts and Authentic Practices curriculum is being taught by senior students of Lama Marut.

About the Series

It is rare, in the classics of Eastern spirituality, to get a detailed description of exactly what the liberated person would look like, how they would think, and what they would do.  Our curriculum concludes with just such an extended depiction of the jivanmukta, a person “liberated in this very lifetime,” and how we can act like such a person as we proceed toward the fulfillment of our own spiritual path.

Topics include: “The Path to Liberation,” “The Individual vs. the True Self,” “Ignorance as Bondage,” “The Nature of Awakening and the Non-Dual State,” “The Difference Between Liberation and Bondage,” “Liberated Action,” and “Life Beyond Duality.”

Benefits of the Course:

  • Discover exactly what is blocking us from total freedom and liberation from suffering
  • Review the ways we identify with a suffering self rather than with our True Self
  • Learn how to disappear all the irritating people in your life and transform any difficult situation
  • Acquire the ultimate in “self-esteem” through wisdom about the nature of the True Self and Ultimate Reality
  • Receive a detailed portrait of the liberated person, which can then function as paragon we can model in our own lives

Based on selections from the Ashtavakra Gita

Join Us!

  • 19 September - 17 October 2021

    6:30pm CT (two hours), Sunday

About Denise

Senior Teacher

Through her own life and practice, Denise has developed a robust toolbelt of skills and practice.  Her 20+ years of study spans a wide range of modalities, from Western anatomical models to Eastern esoteric practices.  She is certified in multiple yoga asana methods and is a graduate of the Asian Classics Institute’s Advanced Buddhist Studies Course, focused onTibetan Buddhism, meditation and yoga.

Denise’s dive into meditation and yoga began in 1998 and her practice has been guided by her remarkable spiritual teachers, Lama Sumati Marut, Cindy Lee, and Richard Miller, PhD.  She is motivated to share these practices in a practical, grounded way. Denise’s inspired, fiery, and clear-sighted presence invites students to see their own potential for more joy and power in their lives.