About this series

Monthly Session Series or Individual Class Drop-In

7:00-8:00pm CT, Thursdays:  9 April, 7 May, and 4 June, 2020

In this series you will work once a month with Shamaness and Animal Communicator Libby Brittain focusing on a different mythical spirit animal guide – sharing their healing properties, empowering traits and education on the hows and whys of the benefits of cultivating these relationships. 

You will also immerse in a very unique shamanic journey each session where you will not only connect with a different mythical creature, but will also be able to gain clarity and insight to your life by asking these animals questions and receiving energetic medicine serving your highest good.  

A class unlike any other, Libby and the mythical spirit animal world welcome you starting April 2020!

  • Grounding meditation
  • History/background of the selected mythical spirit animal
  • Journeying with the animal
  • Closing connection and discussion of the journey 
  • How to connect and work with the mythical spirit animal moving forward. 


Supporter pays for your registration plus scholarships for others. Sustainer pays for your registration. Community is the scholarship rate.

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