• Eight-week Series

    6:00-7:15am CT, Tuesdays, starting 8 October 2019

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New Earth Thrival Guide

A Morning Experiment

The spiritual being having chosen a human experience walks two planes: heaven and earth--the physically manifest and the non-physical, mysterious all-that-is. Yoga is the yoking of the two at the level of the infinitely intelligent human heart.—Erika K.

An experiential energy-body-building & meditation series, these workshops are designed to set the habit of a new personal *sadhana (daily practice). We do this as a *sangha (divine/sacred community) in order to accelerate personal inner growth, support the consciousness upgrades we as a collective are currently experiencing, and to consciously increase our connectivity—connection to a higher intelligent energy and purpose. 

In our morning practice we will learn to feel for subtle energy shifts. We will both ground (apana) and uplift (prana) energy, yoking the energy body equally between the two, placing each participant in their personal power. When in such a position “there is nothing we cannot do or be or have” (Abraham Hicks). And should we open our hands to allow it, it will come easily.  Like miracles, this is natural and can happen in an instant. We are also training in stillness and single-pointed focus (dharana) where one returns, through consistent practice, to their natural state of well-being, an open vessel for divine inspiration, direction, and insight. 

*Sādhanā, literally "a means of accomplishing something", is a generic term coming from the yogic tradition and it refers to any spiritual exercise that is aimed at progressing [one] towards the very ultimate expression of his or her  [or their] life in this reality.”

*One of the three jewels of Buddhism.

Along with a dharma talk and group discussion expect a gentle variety of hindu yogic practices:

Gentle physical movement & strategic physical positioning combined with breath

Coherent Breathing/Pranayama 

Brain/Heart-Coherence techniques (from The Heart Math Institute of California)

Energy-body Calisthenics (Kundalini-esque practices) 



Channeled-Light Healing Energy Work 

Nada, Nidra & Guided Imagery—an original meditative creation 

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