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  • Eight-week Series

    8:00am CT (60 minutes), Thursdays, 9 January - 27 February 2020

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“My vision is that participants will leave each session feeling recharged and energized for whatever uncertainty and change they meet that week. To live beautifully requires us to spend time in quiet reflection, mindful action, and self-care/retreat. Finding a way to integrate spiritual practices into each breath we take and our actions while living and working out and about in the world is my greatest desire. Together we will explore the many ways we each are caring for and supporting others and ourselves.” -- Karuna Whether you sign up for the entire year or just one series at a time, the touchstone of one hour each devoted to living beautifully will have a profound effect on your spirit.
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    • 9 Jan/Week 1 Session
    • 16 Jan/Week 2 Session
    • 23 Jan/Week 3 Session
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    Meditation Segments
    • 16 Jan/Week 2 Meditation Segment
    • 23 Jan/Week 3 Meditation Segment
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    Extra Readings
    • 9 Jan/Week 1 Materials
    • 16 Jan/Week 2 Materials

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