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    6:00pm CT (90 minutes), Monday 2 December 2019

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Mind Oasis is pleased to host racial justice advocate Rachel Ricketts for a curated offering of her Spiritual Activism 101 workshop. This is a special opportunity for all hue-mans to come together for a sacred and spiritual conversation about how they can commit to anti-racism and inclusion, acknowledge their privilege, confront their fears and learn how to actively contribute to lasting, effective racial justice.

The workshop includes:

  • anti-racism education (including history, meaning and applications of race/racism, cultural appropriation, whiteness/white supremacy and their daily consequences, tips for creating inclusive spaces);

  • discussion about spiritual activism + how to authentically commit to anti-racism;

  • intentional journalling to unpack blind spots;

  • practical group exercises curated to the meditation space to apply, discuss and share what we've learned;

  • transformative breathwork to process, release and let go; 

  • guided meditation to ground; and

  • take-away worksheet for reflection.

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Interested, but not ready to commit?