Spring Cleaning Workshop

with Elizabete Gomes

Saturday 20 February 2021

10:00am CT (90 minutes)

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Want a sneak peek? Enjoy a 30-minute RECORDED mini-workshop with Elizabete: Myths and Truths about Detox and Cleanse

How and what we eat matters! We will review different forms of programs like detox, cleansing, and fasting. Learn dietary and lifestyle adjustments to improve physical and mental health.

Elizabete will guide you through options for safe, gentle, real food way of eating to help assist the body, create healthier eating habits, promote healthy weight, and improve concentration ability.

Whether you are looking for a fresh start, healthier eating habitsweight lossclarity of mindor you’re just curious - this class will give a little bit of everything!

We will explore ins and out of healthy eating while making a delicious kale salad. Elizabete will guide you through the role of greens for a heathy liver, and how fiber can help the gut and the immune system and much more!

Once you register, you'll have access to the recipe for the salad so you can get ingredients ahead of time!

Kale Salad 

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About Elizabete

Elizabete Gomes brings twenty years of meditation practice and a wide range of real life experiences to her meditation classes. She has deep knowledge, skills, and wisdom. She is known for her loving presence, kindness and gentleness. She is a beloved Mind Oasis Community Meditation teacher and friend!

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