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October 10 

As a mother/daughter duo, Shari and Jann provide audiences with an unforgettable story of love and transformation that will resonate with anyone who has struggled during the Covid-19 pandemic or past trauma/stress. Both women shine a light on trauma and how current world dynamics are creating depression, anxiety, and fear. They discuss the powerful decision we make about which path we will choose when wanting to live a life of meaning and significance. Audience members will learn:


  • To deconstruct false narratives that hold us back
  • How isolation and uncertainty can disrupt wiring in the brain
  • Healthy ways to heal from negative and unexpected events 
  • To utilize tool for creating a positive outlook
  • Strategies for building a healthy life, even when the world is chaotic

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About Shari and Jann

Shari Simmons, MSW, LSCW

For 29 years, Shari has been a therapist and has managed several mental health treatment centers and psychiatric facilities. She has spent the last five years consulting and training therapists, counselors and CEOs on how to implement evidence-based practices and care for traumatized persons.

She is currently the Executive Director of a Mental Health Treatment Center in Colorado and is an adjunct professor at several universities where she teaches Crisis/Trauma, Psychopathology and Management/Administration. Since a young age, Shari has studied resiliency and the enduring self-sabotaging thoughts that are often the result of stress/trauma. 

She and her mother, Jann co-authored Which Way?, a memoir and psychological handbook on resiliency for survivors, clinicians, and anyone who wants to understand and celebrate just how strong the human spirit is. As a mother/daughter duo, they speak to audiences across the country, dispelling myths about trauma and mental illness. Their powerful message educates audiences and instills hope for those who want to understand themselves better. They have a podcast on the Mental Health News Radio Network, called Which Way?


Jann Simmons 

After devoting much of her adult life to raising her two daughters, Jann launched a successful 15-year career as an Executive Administrator in the banking industry. Jann is now retired and enjoying her life to the fullest. She thrives in her roles as mother, grandmother and speaker. She spends her time volunteering, painting and traveling. She is proud to say, she has traveled to Hawaii, Italy, St. Thomas, St. John, St. Croix, Puerto Rico, Haiti and Mexico, all destinations she never dreamed of seeing in her lifetime. 

Jann began speaking at treatment facilities, followed by university classrooms upon her daughter’s urging. The overwhelming response she received when telling her story prompted the idea of writing her memoir. Sharing her journey through the book and during speaking engagements with Shari have brought her internal peace and hope for others.

Email:              sharisimmonspeaks@gmail.com

Website:          www.thetraumaspeakers.com 

Instagram:      https://www.instagram.com/sharispeaks/

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