About the Mini-Workshop

22 August

Saturday, 9:00am CDT

45 minutes

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"Movement is the interface of how your meditation practice integrates to the spectrum of your experience." - Joseph Schwartz

Next up for the 2020 Meditation Challenge Reunion, Community Meditation teacher and board member Joseph Schwartz will teach you how to use walking meditation and mindful movement to get out of your head and into your body! If you feel tension in your body and/or would like to find an juicy different but equally potent meditation practice, this mini-workshop is for you! Walking meditation is an important part of any practitioners toolbox. 

These mini-workshops are designed to bring you meditation practices that are practiced OFF your cushion and IN the world! Expand your horizons to include the senses, youth, somatics, and lovingkindness practices you can do while at the grocery store or in a traffic jam!

You can register for just this one session or all of the reunion workshops by selecting the bundle option. Not able to make them all live? By registering you'll get the recording in your Mind Oasis account to visit at a later date. 

  • August 1 (Saturday 9am CT) - Anne Heinen presents a Kidding Around: Mindfulness and Meditation with Children 
  • August 10 (Monday 7pm CT) - Maria Novak presents Chocolate Meditation: How to REALLY Enjoy Your Present Moment!
  • August 31 (Monday 7pm CT) - Elizabete Gomes presents Lovingkindness on the GO! 

Free for anyone who participated in the Meditation Challenge and/or is or has been enrolled in Community Meditation. 

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About Joseph

Joseph Schwartz is the developer Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment™ Seminars and The 5 Primary Kinetic Chains.

Schwartz’s exploration and study in the somatic field has led him on a 30+ year journey of finding joy being in the body. His passion is to give people a movement experience that creates a shift in perception. His inquisitive nature continually asks him to look deeper at why different practices have different physiological effects, such as how the tangible and the non-tangible interface with this vehicle we call the body.

Click HERE to read Joseph’s curriculum vitae.